TAIWAN-台中高美濕地Taichung County Gaomei Wetlands Wildlife Refuge

by iris0218mark@yahoo.com.tw

年前的一場旅行 A trip a year ago

是最後一場旅行 Is the last trip

記憶深刻的輕旅 Memorable light brigade

全世界的旅行計畫被打亂和中止 Travel plans around the world are disrupted and suspended

旅人跨不出戶的靈魂於黑夜裡被囚禁 The soul of the traveler who can’t leave the house is imprisoned in the dark

何時能釋放 When will it be released

只能靜候等待 Can only wait and wait

直到太陽出升 Until the sun rises

太陽在薄霧中露出臉並大聲歡笑 The sun showed his face in the mist and laughed loudly

緩緩的 Slowly

終於打開黑夜宇宙的大門 Finally opened the door to the night universe


旅行用眼睛看 用心聆聽~

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